Packaging Gaffe Downgrades New Warner HD DVDs

Posted Mon Sep 11, 2006 at 11:58 AM PDT by
Space Cowboys {HD DVD Back Box Art Grid] Consumers picking up Warner's new HD DVD releases streeting this week may be surprised to see the picture quality has been downgraded to standard definition -- at least according to the back of the box.

Due in stores tomorrow, the back packaging for both 'Space Cowboys' and 'Lethal Weapon 2' lists the titles as being presented in '1080p Standard Definition 16x9 2.4:1" video. No, the studio hasn't invented a new video format -- it is just a packaging error. (Click here for a full-sized scan of the 'Space Cowboys' back packaging.)

Rest assured, both titles are in full 1080p high-definition video. We've checked them ourselves (they look just super), and watch for full reviews to post in the coming days.

This latest packaging gaffe is the second from Warner Home Video, who [post 158]earlier this summer had inadvertently mismarked soundtrack specifications on some of its initial Blu-ray disc releases.

We now greatly look forward to the studio's next packaging goof, in which the back of the 'Terminator 3' HD DVD box will clearly mark the film as being presented on 8-track tape.

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