Warner Bumps High-Def 'Alexander,' Releases Full Specs For 'Bullitt,' 'Getaway'

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Warner Home Video has unveiled more details on the upcoming 'Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut' redux of Oliver Stone's controversial epic, including a street date postponement for the HD DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Originally announced late last year for next-gen release, the third iteration of 'Alexander' will run a good 45 minutes longer than either the 2004 theatrical version or the 2005 DVD-only "Director's Cut.' But according to a new statement from Stone, 'Revisited' will be the definitive -- and apparently final -- take on the director's much-maligned box office disappointment.

"Over the last two years I have been able to sort out some of the unanswered questions about this highly complicated and passionate monarch -- questions I failed to answer dramatically enough," said Stone. "This film represents my complete and last version, as it will contain all the essential footage we shot. I don't know how many filmmakers have managed to make three versions of the same film, but I have been fortunate to have the opportunity because of the success of video and DVD sales in the world, and I felt if I didn't do it now, with the energy and memory I still have for the subject, it would never quite be the same again. For me, this is the complete 'Alexander,' the clearest interpretation I can offer."

Unfortunately, Blu-ray and HD DVD fans will have to wait a bit longer to get a look at 'Revisited.' Warner says it will still release the film on standard-def DVD as a two-disc set on February 27; but it has delayed the high-def versions until sometime in May. We will certainly keep you posted when an official street date is announced.

In other Warner news, the studio has also sent along a note that the [post 440]just-announced Blu-ray and HD DVD releases of the Steve McQueen classics 'Bullitt' and 'The Getaway' will both contain the complete supplemental features found on their standard-def special editions. That's great news, with both discs now looking to be top-notch releases.

We've updated the street dates and specs for 'Alexander,' 'Bullitt' and 'The Getaway,' which can all be found in our HD DVD Release Schedule and Blu-ray Release Schedule.

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