Amazon to Support All High-Def DVD Formats with New CustomFlix Video-on-Demand Service

Posted Tue Apr 25, 2006 at 12:56 PM PDT by
CustomFlix Logo Amazon is throwing its hat into the high-def download arena in a big way, announcing today that its upcoming CustomFlix video-on-demand service will support all HD formats when it launches later this year, reports Home Media Retailing.

CustomFlix, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon, plans to deliver high-definition content via its VOD service in the HD-DVD, Blu-Ray and Windows Media Video High-Definition DVD (WMV-HD DVD) formats. The company will utilize a proprietary "storage and repurposing" format that will allow digitized files in different formats to purchased and then downloaded by consumers and stored on their computers, as well as potentially be burned to a disc that could play in next-gen DVD devices.

Last month the e-tailer giant announced it was launching its own video-on-demand service that would allow consumers to download a film and burn it onto DVD, which it dubbed CustomFlix. The company is reportedly still in talks with major studios including Warner, Paramount and Universal to support its new venture.

Although the studios have been experimenting with video-on-demand services such as MovieBeam and MovieLink, and making select television shows available for download on Apple's iTunes, none offer the ability for consumers to burn purchases to a DVD disc and then play them on any DVD-compatible device.

Dan LoPiccolo-Giles, co founder and managing director of CustomFlix, told HMR that the service will be format-agnostic to eliminate the" risk of creating versions of a format that doesn't take off with consumers."

CustomFlix has also signed a licensing deal with the HDNet high-definition cable channel. They pair will work together to digitize hundreds of titles and make them for download via CustomFlix.

"HDNet has a deep commitment to helping HD become the new viewing standard in both broadcast and on DVD," Mark Cuban, president of HDNet, explained to HMR. "Unfortunately, the disparate HD formats will make establishing a single standard difficult and result in customer confusion. CustomFlix allows customers interested in HD content to simply choose whatever format they want."
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