Vudu Brings Disc-to-Digital Program Public

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Vudu Disc-to-Digital

Users can now convert Blu-rays and DVDs to UltraViolet at home.

Through Vudu, users can net UltraViolet copies of their home movie collection without even leaving home. The Disc-to-Digital program has previously relied on users bringing copies of their DVDs and Blu-rays to Walmart, paying the $2-$5 per movie charge, and leaving with the movie now tied to their UltraViolet account and accessible with Vudu.

Now, as Vudu brings its home Disc-to-Digital program out of private beta, both PC and Mac users can use their home DVD and Blu-ray drives to bypass Walmart altogether. In order to help attract people, Vudu is offering the first conversion, say of a Blu-ray to a HD, Dolby Digital Plus UltraViolet copy, for free. Likewise, those who convert 10 or more discs can get 50% off.

The normal pricing maintains its Walmart structure. A DVD can be converted into an SD cloud version for $2 or and HD version for $5. Blu-rays can only yield HD versions at a $2 per movie charge.

The process involves checking the disc to ensure that it is not a rental copy, and is thereby much faster than actually ripping the content. The entire process leaves the discs unaltered, retaining their owners full use.

User need only download Vudu To Go and have a linked Vudu/UltraViolet account to get started. Those without DVD or Blu-rays still have the option to use the service through Walmart locations. Eligible titles are determined by participating studios, which include Paramount Home Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Lionsgate Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

UltraViolet copies can be accessed through Vudu at no charge on a variety of devices.

Source: Vudu

Author: Brian Hoss

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