Nvidia Kicking Off the Week By Demoing Unreal 4 on the New Tegra K1

Posted Mon Jan 6, 2014 at 07:30 AM PST by

Mobile processor brings desktop graphic capabilities to tablets.

There's no doubt that Nvidia and rival chip makers have been making serious progress when it comes to mobile processors, but the company's newest solution, the Tegra K1, is vying for desktop levels of rendering.

To help illustrate this unprecedented capability, Nvidia is making use of its partner company, Epic, and the latest Unreal Engine 4 demo.

From Nvidia, "We’re launching our latest mobile processor, Tegra K1, with a demo of Unreal Engine 4, a technology that was built on – and made its debut on – desktop computers.

"That simple fact shows that Tegra K1 changes everything: the lines between mobile, desktop and console don’t make any sense any more. They’re gone forever. It’s now possible to run the same UE4 based game on all three platforms today."

The Tegra K1 has not yet been announced as being featured in any specific upcoming tablets, but Nvidia has several prototypes running at CES.

Source: Nvidia

Author: Brian Hoss

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