'Jaws' to Take a Bite Out of HD DVD After All?

Posted Wed Feb 14, 2007 at 01:02 PM PST by

The Spielberg on high-def saga continues, with word coming from a most unlikely source that 'Jaws' may be headed to HD DVD, after all.

For those new to this mini-drama, the whole thing started late last month when Universal Studios Home Entertainment issued a press release touting over a hundred new HD DVD releases in 2007. Fans were quick to note that the list was conspicuously absent any Steven Spielberg blockbusters, a large chunk of which the studio holds home video distribution rights to.

Then came word from the HD DVD Promotions Group that a trio of Spielberg titles -- 'E.T.,' 'Jurassic Park' and 'Jaws' -- that statement was retracted.

Now comes yet another indication that 'Jaws' may be indeed headed to HD DVD. Responding to rumors that Universal is working on 'Jaws 5' as a direct-to-DVD sequel, indie auteur Kevin Smith (and life-long 'Jaws' fan) said this to the online blog Slashfilm:

"Allow me to debunk [the 'Jaws 5' rumors]. I dropped an email to [Universal Studios Chairman] David Linde to ask if this was true, and he said folks are confused: there's an HD 'Jaws' DVD on its way, but no 'Jaws 5,' straight-to-DVD."

Smith also went on to add: "And if you can’t believe Universal’s top brass, who can you believe?"

Of course, whether or not Linde's email came after -- or before -- the HD DVD Promotions Group retraction and the subsequent rumors that Spielberg may not be too keen on having his titles hit the format just yet, we do not know.

But there is one definitive and absolutely positive piece of news to come out of all of this -- it looks like we'll all be spared a crappy direct-to-video 'Jaws 5.' At least, for now...

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