MvixUSA Launches ULTIO Pro Media Player / PVR

Posted Thu Jan 28, 2010 at 10:30 AM PST by Mike Attebery

The Ultio Pro plays back local files and streams media, but can it beat the Boxee Box?

It’s not that the Ultio Pro isn’t a nice set-top streamer. It’s pretty slick when all’s said and done. Using the Ultio Pro you can play back practically any media file you’ve got and send it to your TV in beautiful 1080p.

You can stream to it via a wired connection, but if you want to go wireless you’ll have to pick up an adapter. It plays back every video format we could think of, and some we haven’t even heard of, like .trp and .mts, and it’s equally skilled in the audio department.

The Ultio can also do some video time shifting. It doesn’t have a tuner built in, but if you hook it up to your cable box it can record, shift and schedule live television. It can record any video put in to it, in fact, making home video backup a snap.

Sadly, the standard Ultio player does not come with built-in storage. Unlike most players though, it does have room for a standard hard drive, and will happily work with any 3.5” drive up to 2TB. You can also upgrade from the $169 basic model to the $348 premium version, which sports 2TB of storages.

At the price point of the basic model, it seems like the Boxee Box would be the more likely choice. It doesn’t have room for an internal drive, but it plays back media files and allows users to connect with Netflix. The Ultio can connect to some services, like Tversity and PlayOn, but not to Hulu or Netflix directly.

The Ultio Pro Media is available online now.

Source: Mvix

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