'Saints Row: The Third' Trailer Hits the Web

Posted Wed Nov 2, 2011 at 06:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The 'Saint's Row' trailer came out just after the 'GTA V' trailer was revealed. How's that for timing?

The 'Grand Theft Auto' series has always had a bit of humor, though it's been scaled back far since the early games. Those that find the worlds that Rockstar makes to be a little too grim for their liking have an option though - 'Saint's Row.'

The trailer for 'Saint's Row: The Third' definitely takes a different tact than the 'GTA' trailers. It shows off a bit of storyline and traditional action, sure. But it also gives you a look at a space setting, superheroes, gimps and Burt f*cking Reynolds.

THQ also reveals some new weapons in the trailer. You'll have guns and rocket launchers and the like, but also a jar full of farts, a seemingly invincible ATV and - we're not making this up - dildo bats. Yup. Dildo bats.

Source: Topless Robot

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