Toshiba’s Cell Regza Detailed

Posted Tue Dec 8, 2009 at 12:40 PM PST by Mike Attebery

We’ve long awaited the final specs on the first Cell powered television from Toshiba. The final product is a bit less impressive than we expected, but it’s still a lot cooler than anything else on the market.

The Cell powered television has been a talking point of Toshiba’s for a while now, and the Regza 55X1 is finally hitting the Japanese market on the 10th of December. With just a few weeks left, Toshiba made good on their promise of a 2009 release, but not without some sacrifice.

The resolution, surprisingly, is the most noticeable change. When talked about in the past, the first Cell television was always mentioned as being a 4K resolution display. The 55X1 on the other hand, sports a LED backlit 1080p LCD screen. A price hasn’t been stated yet, but this will certainly drop the asking price to be a bit less intimidating.

The second subtraction from the plan is the Blu-ray player/recorder. It’s an unfortunate sacrifice, but it’s almost certain that anyone shelling out for the Cell TV has a Blu-ray player or two already.

So what’s left? It’s got 3TB of storage space to hold up to 26 hours of high definition programming. Oh, and it can record up to eight channels at once. That, combined with an impressive loadout of internet streaming capabilities makes the Regza 55X1 one impressive television.

Toshiba says this will all be standard for televisions within the next few years. Let’s hope they’re right.

Source: Toshiba via Google Translate

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