Toshiba Squashes Second-Gen HD DVD Player Rumors

Posted Fri Jul 28, 2006 at 10:45 AM PDT by
Toshiba HD-XA1 HD-DVD Player Despite continued strong consumer demand for HD DVD and high hopes from retailers for a second-generation player to help fuel fourth quarter sales, the electronics manufacturer is denying it will unveil any new models this year.

Some electronics retailers have said Toshiba is planning to launch a second-generation HD DVD player as early as this October, in time for the traditionally lucrative holiday buying season. Many early adopters hoping to upgrade their current Toshiba HD DVD players, as well as enthusiasts waiting to jump into the format until second-generation decks arrive, have also lit up online message forums with expectations of a second wave of HD DVD decks by year-end.

However, Toshiba VP of marketing Jodi Sally told Video Business today that any reports of a second-generation player in 2006 are untrue.

"We have not yet announced any new models, and we are continuing to ship significant quantities of both of our HD DVD models to retailers monthly,” Sally said. "To date, we are very pleased with the progress and sales results."

The manufacturer's current two first-generation HD DVD players, the HD-A1 and the HD-XA1 continue to be hot sellers. Retailers nationwide have reported shortages of the decks at retail, with some speculating that Toshiba may be intentionally undersaturating the market with hardware despite consumer demand.

"The problem Toshiba is having [with inventory shortages] is a better problem than having too much in the market and it not being able to sell,” John Abt, owner of electronics chain ABT, said last month. "But from a consumer standpoint, this might not be the best thing."
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