Toshiba to Add 24p Output to 2nd-Gen HD DVD Players

Posted Thu Jul 5, 2007 at 04:55 AM PDT by
Toshiba HD DVD Firmware Beta 1.9 Screenshot

Toshiba is planning to bring true 24p output capability to two of its its second-generation HD DVD players with a new firmware upgrade due this September.

Adding enhanced functionality to its HD-XA2 and HD-A20 second-gen HD DVD players, Toshiba says the planned firmware upgrade will introduce playback of film-based content at 1080p/24 frames per second (or 24p).

Motion pictures are traditionally captured at 24p for theatrical exhibition, but usually transferred at a frame rate of 30 frames-per-second for home video formats. Though the HD DVD and Blu-ray both allow for the encoding of video at 24p on a disc, no consumer HD DVD players have so far facilitated playback at anything but 30p.

Toshiba has not yet specified an exact version number nor an exact release date for the firmware upgrade, but we'll certainly keep you posted.

Stay tuned!

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