Toshiba Creates 21 Inch Glasses-Free 3-D Display

Posted Wed Apr 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

Using a multi-parallax design, Toshiba Mobile Display is hoping to break the glasses-free size barrier.

Parallax displays seem to be all the rage with R&D teams these days. The release of the Nintendo 3DS is almost certainly going to help kick development into high gear, but Toshiba, it seems, is already there. While most companies are sticking with smaller screens, Toshiba has announces a 21 inch display.

21 inches isn't much, but it's a lot more than most other companies are doing. It's also pretty risky, considering the technology. Parallax technology incorporates a very small viewing angle, and Toshiba's new set is no exception. There's only a 30 degree viewing angle for a 3-D picture. There are, however, nine different directions that the picture can be viewed from.

Toshiba's display is also a bit different in that it's not just meant to be looked at straight on like a computer monitor. Toshiba calls that 'vertical mode,' and says that while the 3D is good in that mode, it doesn't compare to 'horizontal mode' which is when the screen is lying flat on the ground, or on a table. "Compared with the front view," says Toshiba, "the 3D images seen face-up from the bird’s eye view are more stereoscopic and realistic."

Source: Toshiba Mobile Display

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