HDD's 2012 Oscars Live-Blog Is This Sunday!

Posted Thu Feb 23, 2012 at 12:20 PM PST by Mike Attebery

Yes, we’re doing it again. Join us this Sunday, February 26th for The Bonus View's second annual Oscars Live-Blog! You supply the refreshments, we'll deliver the prizes!

There are many reasons to join us. Wit, prizes, world weary wisdom, prizes, film trivia, prizes, priceless snark, and did we mention prizes?

With last-minute replacement Billy Crystal hosting for the 74th time, not to mention a huge assortment of behind-the-scenes fiascoes with the production, the ceremony itself promises to be yet another overlong, self-important, and generally boring slog, if not an outright clusterfrack. We'd settle for nothing less!

We will do our best here to liven up the proceedings by making fun of them and giving away lots of free Blu-ray goodies! Don’t miss out!

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