Toshiba Unveils New HD DVD Combo Disc

Posted Tue Sep 12, 2006 at 11:41 AM PDT by
Hand Holding Clear Disc A potential big boost in HD DVD storage technology, Toshiba has unveiled a new prototype "triple layer" HD DVD/DVD that promises to double the capacity of current combo discs.

Toshiba and co-developer Memory-Tech announced yesterday that the single-sided, three-layer ROM disc offers a storage capacity of 30GB on the HD DVD side, and 4.7GB of standard DVD capacity. The technology would be a major improvement over the double-sided HD-15 (15GB)/DVD-9 (4.7GB) combo discs currently on the market.

Currently, HD DVD backers Universal and Warner are the only studios that have released disc titles using existing double-side HD DVD/DVD combo technology. However, with increased storage capacity and the appeal of a single-sided disc, Toshiba's prototype, if perfected, could usher in more widespread industry and market support for the combo format.

Toshiba and Memory-Tech plan to introduce the prototype to the HD DVD Forum in the coming weeks, after a successful test marketing run in Japan that began last April.

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