The Future of THX

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THX in the home

The company to take a starring (and possible streaming) role in the home.

Rumblings from THX indicate that that THX certification for home theater equipment will be dialed back in favor of products directly developed by the longtime cinema standard. In an article at Digital Trends, the history of THX from 'Return of the Jedi' until now has been outlined in a effort to illustrate that "no longer will THX be a sidekick to better-known brands as a shiny badge on a piece of some other company’s electronics."

Several quotes from Chris Golson, Senior Director of Business Development at THX, allude to a new business direction, "Instead of thinking of us as THX certification, think of it as THX certification that falls under a new umbrella. We’re thinking of it as THX lifestyle."

Contemplating the "THX lifestyle" while reading Golson's repeated referencing "of people accepting a lot of different qualities of content for a lot of different reasons" strongly suggest that THX is ready to market to customers who routinely think in terms of situational bit rate standards.

THX's possible role in a streaming is further illuminated by their recent partnership with eyeIO, who has been key in getting Netflix quality up while saving bandwidth.

Even while expecting THX to invade living rooms and smartphones, the company has not forgotten its initial purpose. The 2011 purchase of cineSpace Color Management Suite ensures the company will still be working behind the scenes to ensure and promote standards for film post-production and playback for the foreseeable future. Even so, consumers should not be surprised to see THX begin appearing directly to the end user in more ways than one.

Source:Digital Trends

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