HDTV Display Lag Measured Against 'Street Fighter 4' Competitive play

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Display Lag

The 170 rated displays yield some interesting results.

Display Lag, the theoretical enemy of completive game players. From 'StarCraft' to 'Team Fortress' to 'Street Fighter,' players know that any kind of lag can be the difference between victory and defeat. Rarely though, do players seem to find an issue with their HDTV sets and 'Street Fighter 4' and its variants. On the other hand, competitive 'Street Fighter 4' player Adeel Soomra has found that some sets are better than others.

As a result, Soomro has taken a database of displays with display lag time measured by Leo Bodnar's Lag Tester and applied his own personal ratings. These ratings break down into either 'Excellent," "Great," "Okay," and "Bad." The resulting list can be found here.

As detailed at Display Lag, the Samsung F7100 gets a top nod due to a combination of factors, "This HDTV boasts a 40ms input lag rating in our database, meaning it will be responsive for the majority of gamers. Normally, a HDTV with a low input lag rating would offer the expected bells and whistles such as Smart TV, 3D, etc. However, the F7100 goes an extra mile offering a true 240hz 3D LED panel, as well as micro-dimming! Most LED HDTVs suffer from terrible black levels and poor motion clarity when compared directly to their plasma counterparts, and can be a real pain for serious gamers to deal with. With the F7100′s 240hz panel, fast paced gaming will be noticeably clearer than other HDTVs in its class, and micro-dimming allows the HDTV to darken its pixels where dark content is present. This means that your shadows will be deeper, your contrast will pop, all while delivering the smooth motion clarity of 240hz, all housed into a thin LED panel! If you’re the kind of gamer that wants outstanding picture quality with a fast controller response time, look no further than the F7100. This HDTV comes in 46, 55, 60, and 65-inch varieties, starting from just under $1500 on Amazon."

Naturally, the concept of display lag is easy to understand. The actual application of the concept, however, is another story.

Source: Joystiq

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