Coming Soon to Streaming: 'Lost in Space,' 'The Dangerous Book for Boys,' and More

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"Danger, Will Robinson!" New trailers for Lost in Space and more streaming titles have been revealed.

Netflix and Amazon have released new previews for several of their upcoming shows and movies, including Seven Seconds, The Push, Flint Town, Gad Elmaleh: American Dream, The Outsider, Jessica Jones: Season Two, Nailed It, Collateral, Roxanne Roxanne, Lost in Space, The Innocents, The Remix, and The Dangerous Book for Boys. 

Here's a full rundown of upcoming titles set to hit each streaming service:

Seven Seconds - (Netflix, February 23) - In an instant, life is forever changed for Brenton Butler and his family. After a white cop accidentally hits and critically injures a black teenager, a northeastern city explodes with racial tensions, an attempted cover up and its aftermath, and the trial of the century. 

Derren Brown: The Push (Netflix, February 27) - Psychological Illusionist Derren Brown makes his much-anticipated US debut with the groundbreaking special The Push. In The Push, Brown exposes the psychological secrets of obedience and social compliance. He expertly lifts the lid on the terrifying truth that, when confronted with authority, our natural instinct is to unflinchingly obey without question – to such an extent that even the most moral people can be made to commit the most horrendous acts, simply because they are told to do so.

Flint Town (Netflix, March 2) - In the aftermath of the Flint water crisis, Flint Town takes an intimate look at the state of policing in America through the lens of the Flint Police Department. Flint, Mich. is consistently named one of the most violent cities in America and the community is still grappling with the coverup of a citywide water contamination, leading to a massive distrust in law enforcement officials. Over the course of eight episodes, filmmakers embed with the police officers faced with infrastructure issues and decreasing resources as they risk their lives to protect and serve the community, while simultaneously struggling to gain their support. Flint Town is produced in association with Anonymous Content; executive producers are Steve Golin, David Pritikin and P.G. Morgan; co-directors are Zackary Canepari, Jessica Dimmock and Drea Cooper.

Gad Elmaleh: American Dream (Netflix, March 6) - French comedy sensation Gad Elmaleh is back on Netflix with his second original stand-up comedy special, “Gad Elmaleh: American Dream.” Filmed at The Town Hall in New York City, Gad throws his audience into hysterics as he recalls his experiences moving from Paris to New York, struggling to flirt with women in New York clubs, and how he wants to visit the Paris that Americans always talk about, but doesn’t really exist. “Gad Elmaleh: American Dream” marks the comedian’s first full English-language stand-up special.

Jessica Jones: Season Two (Netflix, March 8) - Jessica Jones is back as New York City’s tough-as-nails private investigator. Although this time, the case is even more personal than ever before. Fueled by a myriad of questions and lies, she will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

The Outsider (Netflix, March 9) - An American soldier imprisoned in postwar Japan enters the dark world of the yakuza, adopting their way of life in repayment for his freedom. Starring Jared Leto, Tadanobu Asano, and Kippei Shîna. Directed by Martin Zandvliet.

Nailed It (Netflix, March 9) - This is Nailed It, the show where everyday home bakers attempt to recreate amazing treats…and don’t always get there. From gingerbread men that look like monsters to wedding cakes that would make any bride say, “I don’t.” If you’ve ever tried to make something epic and wound up with an epic fail, this is the show for you. The baker who comes closest to success will walk away with $10,000 and the chance to finally say…Nailed It!

Collateral (Netflix, March 9) - Set over the course of four days in London, Collateral explores the spiraling repercussions surrounding the fatal shooting of a pizza delivery man. Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan) refuses to accept that this is a random act of violence, and is determined to discover if there is a darker truth.

Roxanne Roxanne (Netflix, March 23) - In the early 1980s, the most feared battle MC in Queens, New York, was a fierce teenage girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. At the age of 14, Lolita "Roxanne Shante" Gooden was well on her way to becoming a Hip-Hop legend as she hustled to provide for her family while defending herself from the dangers of the streets. Get ready for Roxanne Roxanne, a new Netflix Original Film from the producers of "Fruitvale Station" and "Dope", written/directed by Michael Larnell and starring Mahershala Ali, Nia Long and introducing Chanté Adams.

Lost in Space (Netflix, April 13) - Taking its cues from the original series, the show centers around the Robinson family, who is forced to come together in a time of crisis. Stranded light years from their intended destination, they find themselves battling a strange new alien environment and also their own personal demons. Equal parts family drama and sci-fi adventure, it is a survival story for the ages.

The Innocents (Netflix, Coming Soon) - June embarks on a journey with her boyfriend, Harry, to run away from their lives and start over. Or so they think. They quickly realize that nothing is what it seems. And in this world, the only way to survive is to change.

The Remix (Amazon Prime Video, March 9) - A music reality show where DJs and singers pair up to add their own flavor to popular Bollywood tracks offering a musical treat to audiences with heart pumping performances. Here Trap meets Bhangra, Future Bass goes with East Asian Sounds, Blues mixes with Desi Beats and much more. It is all about reshuffling, rejigging, remixing and RE-CREATING the sound of Indian Music.

The Dangerous Book for Boys (Amazon Prime Video, March 30) - Inspired by the best-selling book, The Dangerous Book for Boys, an Amazon Original Series, is a heartwarming story of a family overcoming loss with the help of a book filled with life lessons that was handed down from a father to his three boys. The book inspires adventurous fantasies in the youngest son, Wyatt, that teaches him how to bring his family closer and move forward.

- A current Netflix subscription starts at $11 per month for HD streaming and $14 per month for Ultra HD streaming.

- A current Amazon Prime subscription costs $99 per year or $11 per month. Likewise, Prime Instant Video is available as a standalone service for $9 per month.

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