Netflix Debates Multi-User Streaming

Posted Thu Apr 21, 2011 at 07:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Multiple people in one household often stream from the same account, so why not embrace that?

The folks at Netflix are starting to address an issue that's been cropping up more and more recently - multi-user streaming.

Currently, when one person is watching streaming content on their account they're unable to start another stream on a second device. It's an issue for families that share accounts and want to be able to watch whenever they want without having to schedule around each other.

The folks at Netflix know it's a problem and are considering two options to help solve the issue. The first is to lower the cost of accounts so that families can have multiple accounts without breaking the bank. The other is to enable a sort of multi-user account that allows for separate queues.

"In either case," says the company in a recent release to investors, "our long-term goal is to evolve the Netflix service so that it feels more natural to have a personal account."

Source: Hacking Netflix

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