LucasArts Struggling to Make Games Amid Latest Turmoil

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Kotaku reveals that 'Star Wars: Final Assault' near completion, but may never ship.

Kotuku is reporting through a mix of named and unnamed sources what has been true for years, namely that LucasArts is in turmoil and all games in development may be axed regardless of project status. What initially began as clandestine news that 'Star Wars 1313' had been shelved in the wake of Disney's acquisition of LucasArts, has blossomed into the latest madness engulfing LucasArts.

'Star War; First Assualt' is being developed as a 16 player, 8v8, downloadable shooter, and is reported as some kind of testing bed for an eventual 'Star Wars: Battlefront III.' Unlike the 'Battlefront' series, 'First Assault' is strictly a shooter and features no vehicles. According to the report, however, 'First Assault' is likely, along with everything else in development game-wise, to never be released.

LucasArts has spent the last ten years in turmoil during which project failures and layoffs have netted several debacles, with few smaller than the already completed, but ultimately cancelled 'Battlefront III.' Meanwhile Disney has shifted all development away from titles like 'Epic Mickey' and towards products like 'Disney Infinity.'

Kotuku cites the recent cancellation of the animated 'Clone Wars' and 'Star Wars Detours' as further evidence that all projects at LucasArts are on hold and primed for elimination in order to make room for the new trilogy and its off-shoots.

Ultimately, Kotaku concludes by saying that fans need to demand that LucasArts game projects continue, or else "it means the death of Star Wars as a storied game franchise."

Source: Kotaku

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