The PlayStation Vita is Coming February 22nd

Posted Wed Oct 19, 2011 at 10:44 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Sony's new handheld looks like it's going to blow everything else out of the water when it hits in just a few months.

It's hard to oversell the PlayStation Vita. It's blowing away the expectations of what a handheld system is capable of and certainly shutting down the idea that a smartphone is the only portable device you'll need. The visuals presented on the five inch OLED screen are nothing less than impressive.

Sony has finally put a launch date on their hotly anticipated handheld. You can expect the Vita to hit shelves on February 22nd of next year. If your significant other is trying to think of a Valentine's Day gift for you - that's the direction to point them in.

You'll be paying an MSRP of $249 for the Vita with Wi-Fi while the model that comes packing 3G comes in at $299.

Source: The Official PlayStation Blog

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