20GB PlayStation 3 Goes HDMI; Pricetag Dropped in Japan

Posted Fri Sep 22, 2006 at 10:09 AM PDT by
PlayStation 3 [Tower]

More news from the 2006 Tokyo Game Show today, as Sony revealed a few more previously undisclosed details surrounding the the highly anticipated launch of the Blu-ray enabled PS3.

While Sony had previously announced that only the high-end version of the PS3 would include HDMI, Sony Computer Entertainment President Ken Kutaragi today revealed that the company has now decided to include HDMI in all PS3 models, including the low-end (20GB) version, citing faster-than-expected HDMI penetration.

It wasn't immediately clear whether this decision applies to just the Japan launch of the game console, or worldwide. UPDATE (9/25/06): According to updated specs on the official U.S. PlayStation site, the HDMI upgrade applies stateside as well.

Another reason to envy the Japanese this morning: Kutaragi also announced a pricedrop for the lower end PS3 model in Japan, bringing the sticker price to 49,980 yen (about $429) -- that's about $70 less than the same model's current US $499 price. No price drop for any other territory was announced at the event.

Thanks to Emil for the tip!

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