Sony Says No to Blu-Ray/DVD Hybrid Discs

Posted Fri Jun 2, 2006 at 12:39 PM PDT by
Blue & Red Discs Despite the first hybrid high-def/DVD discs from rival format HD DVD already on the market, Blu-ray backers say they have no plans to release such "transitional" discs in the foreseeable future, reports Home Media Retailing.

That's at least according to comments from a Sony exec at the fifth annual Home Entertainment Summit held this week in Los Angels by Home Media Retailing, The Hollywood Reporter and The Digital Entertainment Group.

Warner Home Video became the first studio to introduce hybrid HD DVD/DVD disc with such recent releases as 'Rumor Has It...' and 'Firewall, with Warner Senior VP of market management Steve Nickerson telling Summit attendees that the studio also plans to "continue putting out several hybrid DVD and HD DVD discs in the coming months."

However, despite agreement among fellow studio representatives that there is considerable consumer interest for "transitional" disc product capable of playing both high-def and DVD content, vp of international for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Adrian Alperovich stated that "Sony [has] no plans to put both formats on its Blu-ray discs" in the immediate future.

Alperovich's comments came as part of a panel featuring representatives of all of the major Hollywood studios, who were on hand to discuss the current state of the home entertainment industry, and the impact the HD DVD and Blu-ray formats will have on future of the business.
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