Download 3D Movies At Home!

Posted Wed Jul 22, 2009 at 09:00 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

CinemaNow, Sonic Solutions work to bring 3D to PCs, TVs.

Sometimes technology moves amazingly quickly. Just 10 years ago, the idea of downloading a movie in a matter of minutes seemed impossible, email was still a bit too niche for professional communication, and flying cars still hadn’t hit the market. Scratch that last one. Some technology seems to move very slowly, and the 3D movie is a prime example.

Finally though, the dream of every boy and girl raised in the 50s is coming true, 3D movies in the home are a reality. According to a recent press release, CinemaNow will be working with Nvida, Mitusbishi and Samsung, in an aim to bring 3D movies to their popular download service.

“Ultimately, we believe Blu-ray will be the dominant format for the distribution of 3D content” commented Michael DiMaria, VP of Product Management for CinemaNow. While many PCs and televisions are 3D capable already, there is a demand for 3D content, but Blu-ray publishers have yet to agree on a technology standard. That’s where CinemaNow comes in. "We see an opportunity to bridge that time gap.” said DiMaria “We think anyone who's buying this technology, especially in the early-adopter stages, they're going to want to throw at it what they can find. We want to make sure our player can play back whatever content someone reasonably has”

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