Internet Based VOD numbers are Dire, but Streaming on Game Systems on the Rise

Posted Thu Dec 15, 2011 at 04:00 PM PST by Dick Ward

On average, PS3 owners are using a over a third of system time on Blu-rays and streaming.

Two studies came out recently with some very interesting information that seems conflicting at first glance. The first is that, according to the NPD, online VOD purchases are incredibly low. The second is that streaming on videogame consoles is on the rise.

Internet based VOD numbers account for all devices capable of renting a movie online. According to the NPD report, only five percent of those that can rent VODs are doing so. " It’s understandable that smartphone owners might be hesitant to watch a full-length movie with limited screens and battery life," says NPD's Russ Crupnick, "but few of the other connected devices are showing strong uptake for Internet VOD, either."

Game consoles, however, have been seeing increased usage as streaming and entertainment machines. Nilsen says that 15 percent of the time an Xbox user is on the system, they're watching streaming movies. The PS3 accounts for 15 percent as well, while Wii users devote 33 percent of their time to videos.

An impressive 22 percent of time using the PS3 is spent watching DVDs or Blu-rays, which brings the total movie watching time to 37 percent.

Source: Home Media Magazine

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