Sharp's New 32" UHD Monitor is a Touchscreen

Posted Wed Jul 3, 2013 at 10:30 AM PDT by
Sharp PN-K322B

The IGZO LCD designed for pen input and multi-touch.

Yesterday, Sharp unveiled a new UHD display for sale in Japan. The Sharp PN-K322B is described as a "professional-use monitor" that combines a 3820 x 2160 display with high-precision touchscreen. The IGZO LCD LED makes for a thin 36 mm that can be articulated into a drawing position with the display's included stand.

Connectivity options for the PN-K322B include two HDMI ports, two stereo mini jacks for audio in and out, and the ever crucial DisplayPort.

For the touchscreen, the display support pen input as fine as 2mm in size, as well as multi-touch support. The display has a "palm cancellation function that prioritizes pen input even when the user's hand is resting on the touchscreen."

From Sharp, " Demand for ultra-high-definition 4K displays is growing for numerous business and professional applications such as graphic and video content creation and editing. To further grow demand for 4K displays, Sharp will propose usage applications in other fields too, such as in customer service applications at retailers and showrooms or in exhibition displays at museums and art galleries."

The PN-K322B will go on sale in Japan on July 30th, at a yet undisclosed price.

Source: Sharp

Author: Brian Hoss

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