Severson Now Shipping Curved Perforated Projector Screens Aimed at 3D Enthusiasts

Posted Tue Sep 18, 2012 at 11:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The SeVision 3D GX offers a signal-to-noise ratio of 250:1 and gain of 2.4.

The folks at Severson have a new screen on the way, designed just for those who can't get enough of 3D. It's called the SeVision 3D GX and it uses a variety of different technologies to ensure that your 3D picture is as clear and clean as it can be.

It all starts with PristiVue technology, which is designed to give you the same kinds of video quality intended by the director. The SeVision 3D GX also boasts a water-based optical coating to ensure that the screen doesn't yellow as it ages.

Severston CEO L. Craig Shelley says that the signal-to-noise ratio of 250:1 and 2.4 gain "make ‘ghosting’ near obsolete, and thus allow it to work beautifully in ambient lighting." He also adds that the screen boasts the same tech used to win IMAX screens an Oscar in 1996 and that "The SeVision 3D GX is the first home theater screen to be certified by all the major 3D licensors for digital projection."

Source: Electronic House

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