'Sonic Generations' Breaks Preorder Records for the Franchise

Posted Thu Oct 27, 2011 at 05:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Looks like Sega's storied franchise is back on the rise again.

Even the most stalwart 'Sonic' fan has to admit that it hasn't been all good for our furry friend. Somewhere in the 2000s, things started to get weird or strayed too far from the gameplay that fans were looking for and sales changed accordingly.

Things are looking good for Sega when it comes to 'Sonic Generations' though. The company has reported that the latest installment of the game has record high preorders for the franchise. That's a huge step forward and one that will hopefully keep things on the right track for the 'Sonic' games moving forward.

"This year is a milestone for Sonic," says Sega VP Alan Pritchard, adding that "we want to make sure this is the best title that Sonic fans, old and new, have been waiting for."

Source: Sonic Stadium

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