SamyGo Hack Adds Functionality to Samsung TVs

Posted Thu Oct 22, 2009 at 08:00 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

The SamyGo hack for Samsung televisions adds improved networking, better USB playback, and enables the use of non Samsung WiFi dongles.

Not that we encourage this sort of thing, but those inclined to try their hand at a little bit of firmware hacking may find the SamyGo project pretty appealing. Thanks to the use of the Linux kernel in Samsung televisions, the firmware is familiar enough to many developers that they’ve been able to add a bit of functionality to the televisions.

There’s a lot to learn before you can jump into this, though those with programming experience may feel up to the challenge. Those willing to take a shot though will be rewarded with, among other things, the ability to use a non-Samsung WiFi dongle. The hope, according to one of the people heading the project, is to one day get Firefox running on Samsung sets.

While none of this is official of course, many companies keep a close eye on these developments. If hackers are able to get Firefox running on a Samsung TV, or improve video quality, there’s no reason that we shouldn’t expect to see Samsung tackling a similar task in a future firmware update.

Source: Hack A Day

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