Lead the Nation and Fight Aliens Using Dubstep and Mechs in 'Saints Row IV'

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Saints Row IV Pax

PAX demonstration shows off weapon customization and super powers for the outrageous title.

'Saints Row IV' started out life as a blatant attempt to make an outrageous expansion to an installment of an already outrageous series before becoming a full-blown installment, and that pedigree of "just what crazy thing can we do next" has never been more obvious than after watching the hands-off PAX demonstration.

Watching as the Saints' leader and now President of the United States walks the streets beating up citizens gets interesting as the player is able to inflate his enemies and unleash a blast of crowd-stunning Dubstep, before hopping into a mech.

As the story revolves around an alien invasion, the player gets to use ever wackier methods to dispatch enemies. This leads to a new weapon customization option, which allows the player to switch any weapon ability into another weapon's form factor. The given example is a rocket launcher that visually becomes a guitar case weapon. The escalation naturally turns towards super powers as both the player and the alien enemies attain powers running the super-hero gauntlet from the ability to freeze people to the ability leap tall buildings in a single bound. The combination of freezing a car and then telekinetically throwing it at an enemy helps to illustrate the nature of combining powers.

'Saints Row IV' is being developed by Volition for the 360, PS3 and PC, and is expected to release August 20th. The game is available for pre-order.

Source: Kotaku

Author: Brian Hoss

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