'Grand Theft Auto V' Online Combines a Persistent and Continually-expanding World

Posted Thu Aug 15, 2013 at 07:30 AM PDT by
GTA V online

Earning and excess fuel the multiplayer between the action.

Rockstar Games has given their largest insight into the multiplayer of 'Grand Theft Auto V' yet with a new video detailing the overall idea and some new specific features.

The multiplayer will features a huge range of structured and unstructured activities. Naturally, typical 'GTA' like action is available immediately, but at the same time, the earning and upgrading of the single player is now a big part of the multiplayer. Players can take the money earned in the multiplayer and customize their look, build a fleet of cars, and even maintain domiciles where they can meet up with other players.

Classic multiplayer modes remain alongside the push to form a crew for tackling bigger jobs. The various mini-games remain in the online world as well with Rockstar citing the ability to create and share custom races as one example of the company's commitment to growing the features of the multiplayer.

Thus far, Rockstar has been adamant that the multiplayer is completely free for owners of the game, but if successful, can DLC of some kind be far off?

Source: Rockstar

Author: Brian Hoss

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