Rockstar Announces GTA V Early to Stick it to Jack Thompson

Posted Tue Oct 25, 2011 at 07:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

UPDATE: The GTA V trailer has been released and is featured at the bottom of this article.

A trailer is coming next week, but the guys at Rockstar wanted to take a jab, and jab they did.

Do you remember October 25th, 2008? We sure do. It was an amazing day for videogames, gamers, gaming culture and the first amendment. It's the day Jack Thompson - the man who has tried to put a stop to violent videogames since 'Mortal Kombat' - was finally disbarred.

Rockstar remembers too. In fact, they've decided to celebrate that day this year by announcing 'Grand Theft Auto V' a week earlier than they were planning on originally, just to stick it to Jack Thompson a bit. The game he tried to shut down is getting another sequel, and it's being announced on the day he finally got shut down himself.

The one downside is that the announcement really doesn't give us any information on the game. We know it's going to be set in Los Angeles in some form or another, but that's about it. We'll find out more when the trailer hits next week.

Source: Topless Robot

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