FeedFlix Finds Some Netflix Subscribers Might be Better off With Redbox

Posted Tue Jul 27, 2010 at 09:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Nearly a third of Netflix members may be spending over a dollar a movie.

If you're a current Netflix subscriber, you'll want to check out FeedFlix, a site that's designed to help you get the most out of your Netflix account. They've got a few cool features, but the most interesting is the one that tracks your rentals and subscription cost, getting you a price per rental.

Using this data, you can analyze for yourself whether the subscription fee is worth it. FeedFlix breaks it down to your dollar cost per disc as well as your dollar cost per movie including Netflix streaming.

When the folks at FeedFlix heard about the Redbox streaming idea they decided to crunch some numbers and see just how much of a threat that would really be. Based on their data, some budget conscious Netflix subscribers could be swayed if the streaming was at the right price.

Currently, around 80 percent of FeedFlix users pay more than a dollar a day for DVD rentals. That's more than Redbox charges now, but the numbers change significantly when you factor streaming into the mix – only 35 percent of FeedFlix users shell out more than $1 a movie when it comes to instant watch titles.

Of course, the financial aspect is just one part of it. If Redbox god streaming at a competitive price, the service will still have to match or exceed the Netflix library in terms of quantity of titles and quality of stream.

Source: FeedFlix

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