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The first batch of the 4K playback solution is on its way.

As UHD displays and projectors continue to appear, the obvious lack of an immediate way to playback 4K content has left many early-adopters in a lurch. REDRAY, one the biggest cogs in the leading edge film-production, has been teasing consumers with a home player and projector solution for months. And now, the word over in the REDRAY forums is that the first batch of players have begun to arrive.

From REDRAY, "The REDRAY PLAYER is the first plug-and-play friendly device capable of providing 4K content to 4K displays. REDRAY features the ability to play 4K files as well as upscale HD files to Ultra High-Definition resolution (4096×2160). REDRAY connects to 4K displays using 1x 1.4 HDMI output or 4x HDMI 1.3 outputs, with an additional HDMI output for 7.1 channel audio (for HD displays, REDRAY uses 1x HDMI 1.3 output). REDRAY also supports 3D playback at high frame rates (48-60fps) — more than twice that of traditional HD plug-and-play 3D devices. Use your REDRAY iPad app or included IR remote to control your REDRAY and connect to your content like never before.

"To convert your HD or 4K content to REDRAY compatible .RED files, REDCINE-X PRO and the RRENCODE plugin are required. 1x RRENCODE license is included with each REDRAY purchase."

When the player was initially available for pre-order, many balked at the player's $1500 price tag. Ans surprisingly enough, the current price has risen to $1750.

If UHD is destined for a niche user base, as so many keep predicting, than REDRAY may become that user base's leader. UHD displays will continue to appear at lower and lower prices, while high-end products will need to support higher resolutions as well as greater color depths to help justify prices. If REDRAY can manage a 4K content delivery system, then their players may become must-have for 4K enthusiasts.

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Author: Brian Hoss

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