Vizio Will Launch a 65" Polarized 3D TV For $3,700

Posted Tue Nov 23, 2010 at 11:45 AM PST by Dick Ward

The TV showed up on Vizio's website unannounced, but it's already generating quite a bit of interest.

Vizio has been keeping secrets. We knew they were working on a 3D television that used passive technology since it was announced as far back as last January, but we didn't know how far they'd come. The new XVT3D650SV is now detailed and priced on Vizio's website.

The new set from Vizio offers Razor LED backlighting, a 120Hz refresh rate and a 1080p picture, but what's most interesting is that it does 3D using passive glasses. It's the first we've seen from a major manufacturer and will likely set the pace for similar sets in the future.

The set, which runs $3,699 according to the site, comes with four pairs of polarized glasses and boasts "Theater 3D" but not "Full HD 3D" which almost certainly means you'll be getting a less than HD picture.

Vizio's XVT3D650SV also offers built-in Wi-Fi for Vizio Internet Apps and comes with the slick QWERTY remote we've come to expect from Vizio.

Source: Vizio (via Engadget)

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