PlayStation 3 Rumor Mill: PS3 Game Packaging Revealed? Sony to Bundle Free BD Movies with Games?

Posted Mon Sep 18, 2006 at 11:22 AM PDT
ps3 game fake

The countdown to the U.S. release of Sony's Blu-ray enabled PlayStation 3 on November 17 is on, with online speculation surrounding the next-gen game console growing with every passing day.

A photo that supposedly depicts the packaging for PlayStation 3 games began making the rounds online over the weekend, and is notable for its prominent Blu-ray branding:

Whether or not this photo is authentic and not a photoshopped fake remains to be seen, but sources say that Sony does plan on extending the Blu-ray branding familiar to early high-def disc adopters to their PS3 game packaging.

UPDATE: (9/22/06) It appears that was indeed a fake photo. Joystiq today has published photos of an actual PS3 game case on display by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show that looks nothing like the photo above, and carries no prominent Blu-ray branding. Apparently the fake photo began circulating across the web after first being posted last week on a GameFAQs messageboard. (Thanks to Andy G. for the tip!)

Meanwhile, industry sources are whispering that Sony may bundle one or more free Blu-ray movie titles with some of their early PS3 game titles in an effort to introduce the next-gen dvd format to the masses.

When (and if) any of this information is confirmed, we'll let you know. Stay tuned!

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