PS3 Version of 'Battlefield 3' Lacks 'Battlefield 1943' Bonus

Posted Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 07:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

DICE is attempting to make up for the issue, but their fix isn't exactly compelling.

If you can remember back to June of this year, you'll recall an E3 announcement that promised a few exclusives to PS3 owners. One of those exclusives was to be a free copy of 'Battlefield 1943' with the purchase of 'Battlefield 3.'

Then comes October 24th, when 'Battlefield' fans can finally get their mitts on the new game. PS3 owners took the game home, opened it, popped it in their system and - guess what - no 'Battlefield 1943.'

DICE, the group that developed the game, is making a peace offering. Instead of getting a free copy of 'Battlefield 1943,' all 'Battlefield 3' expansions are being made available to PS3 owners early. So, no free game, but you can pay for the new stuff earlier. Great.

Source: GameSpot

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