Platinum Games 'The Wonderful 101' Spotted at PAX

Posted Wed Mar 27, 2013 at 06:30 AM PDT by
Wonderful 101

Gameplay capture shows off combat in the Wii U exclusive.

While 'Bayonetta 2' has been front and center as part of an exclusive collaboration between Nintendo and Platinum Games, the developer has another exclusive Wii U in the works. 'The Wonderful 101' has been lightly teased since before the Wii U's launch, and yet for a title expected to release in the next few months, little has been shown beyond a few trailers.

Footage of the playable game at PAX has surfaced and the shows the heroes battling a giant robot. In 'The Wonderful 101,' the player controls a group heroes that can be formed into combative shapes. The game has similarities to both 'Pikmen' and 'Overlord' in this respect, but also sports a visual style reminiscent of 'Viewtiful Joe.'

In the new footage, the player is scene fighting a 'Ghaguzin' or 'Invincible Planetary Federation Armada Bipedal Assault Weapon.' While chaotic, the gameplay strategy seen to be getting the giant robot to damage itself. The player forms shapes such as a chain with the heroes to deflect the robot's missiles back towards the robot while moving from one giant arm to another. Unfortunately absent from the video is how the GamePad is implemented as it is said to be crucial for dictating which shapes the heroes will form.

'The Wonderful 101' is available for pre-order.

Source: CVG

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