The First Screenshot for the 'Phoenix Wright' Movie Looks Amazing

Posted Mon Oct 31, 2011 at 06:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Director Takashi Miike is doing a great job with the look of the flick at the very least.

When we first heard about a live action 'Phoenix Wright' games, we were skeptical. Movies based on videogames have a history of being pretty terrible. Well, we're still skeptical, but the first image of the movie's protagonist is starting to convince us.

The movie seems like it's in pretty good hands with director Takashi Miike, who directs quite a few movies in Japan but is most famous in the states for films like 'Sukiyaki Western: Django,' 'Audition' and the highly controversial 'Ichi the Killer.'

The trailer will start airing before movies in Japan starting November 5th, so we'll certainly be looking forward to seeing if the trailer can live up to the hype that this first peek at the film has been generating.

Source: Gamespot

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