Beware the New Netflix Phishing Scam

Posted Thu Dec 23, 2010 at 07:00 AM PST by Dick Ward

If you see it, don't click it, and immediately delete it. If you did click it, start changing those passwords.

There's a new email that's been going out to Netflix subscribers, but it's not the kind of email you'll want to open. It's a Phishing attempt that's trying to get a hold of your email, password and other personal information.

The subject of the email comes as "Your Account Has Been Suspended," and for all the world it looks like a legitimate Netflix email, complete with the red logo and border familiar to the brand. If you click the link, it takes you to a site that looks an awful lot like Netflix too, but it's not Netflix.

The dummy site is designed to make you type in your email address, password and other personal information. Once the makers have that information, they can do plenty with it.

If you did click on the link in the email, make sure you jump on to the real Netflix site - and the rest of the accounts you have online - and change your password. Depending what information you provided the phishers with, you may also want to keep an eye on your bank account for illegitimate charges.

Source: Hacking Netflix

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