Paramount to Boldly Take 'Star Trek' into the Next Generation of High-Def?

Posted Wed Aug 30, 2006 at 12:30 AM PDT by
Star Trek [Spock Playing Chess] The online rumor mill has begun to churn in a big way for 'Star Trek' fans, with Paramount allegedly in the early stages of a major high-def restoration of the entire franchise.

At least that's according to The Digital Bits, which recently posted an update to their popular Rumor Mill column, indicating that Paramount has covertly begun a massive retooling of the complete 'Trek' motion picture and television canon, with an eye towards an eventual release on HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Seems the Bits' editor Bill Hunt recently attended a panel discussion at the World-Con in Anaheim that focused on the future of the Star Trek franchise, and one of the topics that came up was plans for the eventual release of all 'Trek' titles in high-definition.

In addition to the expected release of all nine big-screen 'Trek' films on both next-gen formats (plans for which Paramount has publicly confirmed through various press releases and an announcement at last January's CES), panel members indicated that sources within the studio have confirmed remastered versions of all six 'Trek' television adventures -- 'The Original Series,' 'The Animated Series,' 'The Next Generation,' 'Voyager,' 'Deep Space Nine' and the recently-cancelled 'Enterprise' -- are already in production.

Though 'Enterprise' has been broadcast in full high-definition since its 2002-2003 debut season, the other five TV properties have so far only been seen in their original 4:3 aspect ratios. However, all were shot on film, which means that Paramount could, in theory, go back to the original film elements and re-transfer them all in high-definition.

What's more, according to the Bits, work has already started on further retooling the special effects for 'The Original Series' with the high-def in mind. Meaning many shots will be given a new "CGI face-lift," specifically all of the series' trademark "spaceship shots."

Paramount has, predictably, refused to confirm nor deny the story to High Def Digest. But needless to say, this is potentially exciting news for 'Star Trek' fans -- though equally as troubling for purists, at least if Paramount pulls a George Lucas and does not include the original, untouched versions on any potential HD DVD or Blu-ray release.

Stay tuned for any further news on this developing story...

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