Paramount Confirms 'Star Trek' HD Remaster

Posted Thu Aug 31, 2006 at 11:50 AM PDT by
Star Trek: The Original Series After days of swirling Internet rumors, Paramount today has confirmed it is currently giving 'Star Trek: The Original Series' a high-def retooling, including digitally updated special effects and music.

As first reported a few days earlier, word began to leak out on the web last week that Paramount was covertly giving 'The Original Series' a high-def makeover, with an eventual eye towards re-issuing the series to both broadcast television as well as Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Today the studio confirmed the news via this official press release, which details some of the upcoming CGI enhancements fans of 'The Original Series' can look forward to. Among the digital upgrades are redone spaceship exteriors, a rejiggered opening and even a digitally remastered version of William Shatner's classic 38-word "Space, the final frontier..." credit monologue.

"STAR TREK redefined science-fiction and constantly pushed the envelope with concepts that were ahead of their time," said John Nogawski, president of CBS Paramount Domestic Television. "By giving the series a digital upgrade using the best technology available today, it will continue to be a leader in cutting-edge television programming as we introduce the series to a new generation of viewers."

Paramount has not yet set an official airdate for the redone, high-def versions of 'Star Trek: The Original Series,' nor specified if and/or when it will hit Blu-ray and HD DVD. But as always, stay tuned...

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