DreamWorks Officially Throws Hat Into Next-Gen Ring with 'Dreamgirls'

Posted Mon Mar 5, 2007 at 12:12 PM PST by

The last major studio to announce next-gen support, DreamWorks will bring its first title to Blu-ray and HD DVD with a spring release of its blockbuster musical 'Dreamgirls.'

The title, which will be distributed by Dreamworks' parent Paramount Home Entertainment, will hit Blu-ray and HD DVD on May 1, day-and-date with the standard-def DVD release.

A $100 million-grossing hit, 'Dreamgirls' also scored eight Oscar nominations and won two, including a Best Supporting Actress trophy for breakout star Jennifer Hudson.

Paramount has not yet issued any specs or supplement details for 'Dreamgirls,' only a $39.95 list price for each version.

The only studio to have remained outside of the next-gen fray since the launch of Blu-ray and HD DVD last year, when and how DreamWorks would finally jump into the high-def arena has continued to be a source of rumor. Only an early retailer announcement for 'Dreamgirls' two weeks ago ignited any expectation that the studio may at last be ready to pledge support.

In any case, it's exciting news, though whether or not 'Dreamgirls' will be a one-shot deal, or finally kick off a continued commitment from DreamWorks to bring the rest of its library to Blu-ray and HD DVD -- including such Oscar winners as 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'American Beauty' -- remains to be seen.

We've added fresh listings for 'Dreamgirls' to both our HD DVD Release Schedule and Blu-ray Release Schedule, under May 1. Stay tuned for full details to emerge in the days ahead!

We've also set up dedicated threads for DreamWorks' first foray into high-def in our Forums area -- click the following links to discuss the 'Dreamgirls' Blu-ray release and the 'Dreamgirls' HD DVD release.

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