Paramount to Bring 'Reds' to Blu-ray, HD DVD

Posted Sun Sep 17, 2006 at 11:05 PM PDT by
Reds [Blu-ray, HD DVD Box Art Combo] In a surprise announcement, Paramount Home Entertainment has added Warren Beatty's Oscar-winning historical epic 'Reds' to its November Blu-ray and HD DVD lineups.

On the surface, releasing a somewhat forgotten 1981 catalog title as one of your initial launch titles might seem a bit strange, because generally the studios tend to stick to new releases and well-known action blockbusters when introducing a new format. However, 'Reds' does possess a sweeping visual grander that should be tailored made for high-definition, so we're intrigued to see the results.

In any case, Paramount will release 'Reds' simultaneously on both Blu-ray and HD DVD on November 7. Each boasts a 1080p video transfer minted from the same master, and an identical set of extras, which will mirror the upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition standard-def DVD release, including a six-part "Witness to 'Reds'" documentary and theatrical trailer.

Paramount has set a suggested $29.95 list price for both versions of 'Reds.'

The most current specs for each, including box art, has been added to our Blu-ray Release Schedule and HD DVD Release Schedule. Stay tuned for final details to be announced shortly.

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