The PS4 Hardware Revealed, Will Launch at $399 and Adds No New DRM

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The PS4

Online Multiplayer will require PS Plus, other online services still free.

Sony started their conference late, and even when it did start the news was slow coming. The PS Vita was mentioned as being host to the next 'The Walking Dead: 400 Days' from Telltale later this summer. Several familiar PS3 title were discussed including 'The Last of Us,' 'Puppeteer,' 'rain,' 'Beyond: Two Souls,' 'Gran Turismo 6,' and 'Batman: Arkham Origins,' which will receive exclusive PS content.

Then Sony finally decided to show off the actually PS4, which looks a lot like a cross between the original PS2, with its blue accents, and the glossy/matte Xbox One.

Sony shared some of its PS4 entertainment options including 'Video Unlimited' and 'Music Unlimted' available from Sony Entertainment at launch before getting to some PS4 games. PS4 games shown include ReadyAtDawn's 'The Order 1886,' 'Killzone Shadowfall' (launch title,) 'DriveClube' (launch title,) 'Knack' (launch title,) 'Infamous: Second Son,' 'Dark Sorcerer' from Quantic Dream, and Transistor from SuperGiant Games. Then Sony moved to some indies that are coming to the PS4, including 'Don't Starve,' 'Mercenary Kings' from the Scott Pildrim dev, 'Young Horses,' 'Secret Ponchos' from SwitchBlade Monkeys, 'Ray's Quest' from Ragtag Studios, 'Galaxy' from 17bit Games, and 'OctoDad.'

Square Enix revealed that 'FFXIII Versus' is still being developed but is now 'Final Fantasy XV.' Square Enix also announced 'Kingdom Hearts 3.'

The conference then moved onto showing 'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' and 'Watch Dogs' - both from Ubisoft with exclusive content. 'NBA2K14' debuted with footage of Lebron James goofing around with himself. A cinematic was then shown from Avalanche Studios 'Mad Max' game.

Sony's conference turned into a torrent of information then with some details about its Cloud-based Gakai service. Sony is promising that Gaikai is about getting an all access game experience from Sony's vast library of games. The service will launch in US in 2014, and will start on PS4 and PS3 before going to the Vita and will begin by bringing cloud-based PS3 catalog titles to those platforms.

Sony Then pounced on the Xbox One with a whole section on the DRM schemes that are associated with the Xbox One, such as a highly restricted game sharing/no used game policy and the need to be connected to the internet every 24 hours for the system to function by saying those restrictions are not coming to the PS4. Sony basically stated that the current PS3 ownership system is the PS4 model.

Sony did announce features such as cross-game chat, but in order to play multiplayer on the PS4, players will need a PS Plus membership. Other features such as Netflix will remain free to access. PS Plus members will receive a free version of 'DriveClub' and free game every month. PS membership will extend to the PS3, PS4, and Vita.

Sony then showed off Bungie's 'Destiny' and talked about growing the game over its lifetime with the PS4. Sony then followed with launch pricing for the PS4. The PS4 will launch at $399, 399 Euros and 349 Pounds in US and Europe this holiday season.

The Sony PS4 is available to pre-order.

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Author: Brian Hoss

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