Sony Outlines PS3 to PS4 Upgrade Plan for Four Games

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Sony PS3 to PS4 Plan

Four of the top multi-generation titles can be upgraded for $10.

A number of retailer specific schemes, including Amazon and GameStop, have been introduced to allow players to purchase titles for current-gen consoles, and then nab the next-gen version within the new systems' launch windows for $10. Sony has now detailed its plan, which is for four titles, 'Call of Duty: Ghosts,' 'Battlefield 4,' 'Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,' and 'Watch Dogs.' What is distinct for Sony's plan is that players can upgrade without having to trade-in their PS3 version of the title. In fact, the physical copy of the PS3 version will be required to use the PS4 version. The program applies to both digital and physical copies.

From Sony, "Gamers who purchase a PS3 Blu-ray Disc of these four games will find a code packed into the PS3 version that they can redeem on PlayStation Store. To play the PS4 version of the game when it becomes available, you’ll need to insert the original PS3 disc in your PS4 to activate and play the PS4 version, so hang onto that PS3 disc!

"Gamers who purchase the digital version of any of these four games will not need to redeem a code to receive their PS4 versions. When your PS4 arrives, just look for the PS4 version of the game on PlayStation Store – it will appear on PlayStation Store on your PS4 for the discounted price of $9.99. Just purchase it and start playing!"

For those users who may be holding off on a PS4 purchase, this program can be used without purchasing a PS4.

"For those of you who purchase the PS3 disc version of the games, you do not need a PS4 system to redeem your code, so feel free to redeem it as soon as you pick up your PS3 copy — you can download your digital copy later when your PS4 arrives."

The last caveat for this program is time related. Purchasers must redeem their upgrade codes prior to a specific 2014 date.

"But don’t wait: This program lasts for a limited time. You’ll need to redeem your code and make the purchase before January 31st, 2014 (for Assassin’s Creed IV and Watch_Dogs), March 28th (for Battlefield 4), or March 31st (for Call of Duty: Ghosts) in order to participate."

Users can find a step-by-step guide here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Author: Brian Hoss

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