Sony Is Having a Free 'Killzone Shadow Fall' Multiplayer Weekend for PS Plus Members

Posted Mon Dec 23, 2013 at 07:30 AM PST by
Killzone Shadow Fall

Pre-load now for the December 28th free weekend on the PS4.

'Killzone Shadow Fall,' the PS4 installment of Sony and Guerilla Games sci-fi FPS series, features a single player mode that is stunning to look at, but a bit lackluster to play. Of course, the game excels at more than just being demo worthy eye candy, as many swear by the multiplayer. To promote the game for those PS4 owners who haven't picked up 'Killzone Shadow Fall,' Sony is having a free multiplayer weekend from December 28th through December 31st.

The free weekend is for PS Plus members, but since the PS4 includes a 30 day PS Plus trial, chances are that most PS4 owners are PS Plus members.

So free a multiplayer weekend sounds great, but there is one other catch. In order to play the free multiplayer, players must download the full 40GB. Fortunately, Sony is allowing players to pre-load the game prior to the free multiplayer weekend.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Author: Brian Hoss

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