Explore the Working Conditions of the "Glorious" Solarus Corporation in 'Super Motherload'

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Super Motherload

PS4 launch title dabbles in some live-action campiness.

The creators of the PlayStation 4 launch title 'Super Motherload,' XGen Studios, want to share their vision of futuristic Martian mining operations, which is laced with classic B movie, sci-fi themes, with "Soviet space race" easily being one of the more dominant.

Much like a failed state, the developers have commissioned a live-action propaganda piece, wherein the two leads' dream of serving the "glorious" Solarus Corporation is realized with the loss of life well within acceptable parameters.

Naturally, the game offers more the mere Siberian-style desperation. The gameplay has come a long way since the original 'Motherload.'

From XGen Studios, "There’s a surprising amount of depth in the design behind Super Motherload, with four years of concepting, experimentation, and refinement to the mechanics. Ultimately, the feedback loop remains straightforward; dig around to collect minerals and return to the surface to sell those minerals for cash. That cash allows you to refuel, repair, and — most importantly — buy upgrades so that you can drill deeper into the Red Planet."

"The further you dig, the more difficult it is to progress. Your mining pod is upgradable to suit your style of play with various combinations of speed and capacity upgrades, bombs, items, and quest rewards. Eventually you’ll find the perfect balance and upgrade progression that allows you to blast through to the core and find out what’s happening to your comrades below. There are a number of strategies for efficient digging, and with the aid of co-op players, you’ll begin to discover better methods to reach your full potential with each trip."

"We’re excited to say that Super Motherload runs at a buttery smooth 60 FPS in 1080p on PS4, and the new touch pad on the DualShock 4 provides the most immediate method for using specific bomb shapes to blast through obstacles and solve puzzles. Instead of selecting a bomb type by cycling through your items with the DS4 triggers, gestures are utilized: up, down, left or right for the most basic bomb types, or touch pad click to use an Electron Bomb."

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Author: Brian Hoss

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