Rumor: Sony Will Reveal Oculus Rift-like Headset for the PS4

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Sony VR Headset

Report says Gamescom Virtual Reality reveal pulled at last moment.

With the PS3, Sony wagered heavily on the big 3D push, one off off-shoot of which was Sony's line of personal 3D viewers. More recently, the crowd-funded Oculus Rift has been making headlines as the head mounted viewing technology seems poised for release to PC enthusiasts.

One part of the Oculus Rift rumor mill has been pursuit by several companies including Sony. The rumor has said that Sony has been pursuing botha partnership and possible acquisition. Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey has been publicly staunch is his view, "As far as getting acquired: that's not on the table.

"If people like Microsoft and Sony did come out and make their own head-mounted display, though, it would really just validate the market."

The latest rumor, which had been building Steam in a lead-up to Gamescom, has Sony press ready with its own PS4 VR headset. With Gamescom come and gone and no such device revealed, Eurogamer is shouting that Sony has decided to wait until next year to show off the device.

Of course, when it comes to Oculus Rift, the hope is often for mainstream adoption, which would include devices like the PS4 and Xbox One. As for Sony's rumored VR option, the Gamescom demo purportedly involved an in cockpit view from the upcoming PS4 game, 'DriveClub.'

The Sony headset is being categorized along the lines of the PS Eye PS4 camera, an optional device meant for a sub audience, that also checks a feature box. If true, confirmation may not come until next year's TGS, which gives Sony some time to vet the concept.

Source: Eurogamer

Author: Brian Hoss

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