Even Octopuses Prefer HDTV

Posted Mon Mar 22, 2010 at 11:25 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

Most humans have been aware of the enhanced picture quality of high definition television for a while now, but based on recent testing, is seems octopuses are hip to the benefits as well.

Octopuses seem to be fairly intelligent animals that respond directly to visual cues. An image of a shark, in theory, should set the octopus off. Past experiments on cephalopods though have revealed absolutely no reaction.

Previous tests were done with standard definition sets, and no matter what image the researches showed, the octopus didn’t seem to care. “It was a case of the technology not being up to the relatively high standard of octopus eyesight,” says Renata Pronk of MacQuarie University in Sydney, Australia.

The most recent test uses high definition sets, showing 1080p video to the target cephalopods, and has been a great success. While the reaction of the octopuses hasn’t been consistent, the fact that they react has been.

Whether it’s the progressive scan technology or the higher resolution, they can’t yet say, but there’s no question that even the humble octopus can tell the difference between standard definition and high definition.

Source: BBC Earth News

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