Research Firm Says to Expect OLED Sets to Ship This Year

Posted Mon Nov 5, 2012 at 09:00 AM PST by Dick Ward

There's not much of this year left, but with the big push towards UHDTVs, OLED technology needs to get its foot in the door.

OLED sets are something we've been dreaming about for years now. The impressive technology has been shown at tradeshows and at press events, but to say that the releases thus far have been limited would be generous. We've seen almost no movement in the OLED market.

The sudden and significant push towards UHDTV is a wakeup call to OLED makers, who need to get their TVs to be seen by the public while they still have relevance. If 4K gains public acceptance before OLED, you can bet we'll be sitting back and talking about when we'll finally see reasonably priced, mass produced UHD OLED sets.

There are two big things standing in the way of OLED TVs and they're significant. The first is supply, of which there isn't much. Then there is the issue of cost, of which there is quite a bit. UHD sets will get cheaper as time goes on, and if they're close to OLED price points, OLED doesn't stand a chance. Try convincing the average TV buyer that they'd rather pay a premium price for a lower resolution.

Source: TWICE

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